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Broken Motorsports is located in Union City, New Jersey. We have over 15 years of racing experience in the varied disciplines. We built cars and competed in rally racing, drifting, and hillclimbs. Our shop is also part of road racing and time attack.

Broken Motorsports has been frequently featured by major automotive media. We are certainly your solution to everything from a ground-up race car build, to aftermarket parts installation, to routine maintenance.

Cage Kits

Our team has been hard at work for the past few months to bring you our brand new cage kits!

Our very first of many is here! Subaru Impreza GD (sedan 2002-2007) – Check it out!

Visit our new store for race car parts, and learn more about our new line of cage kits.


Be part of our third fabrication seminar.

Broken Motorsports’ owner and also driver, William Petrow, at Mount Washington Hill Climb, in 2017.